Lola auf der Erbse – Kinotrailer

Lola auf der Erbse – Kinotrailer

This the trailer to my first feature „Lola auf der Erbse“. It’s a kid’s film, shot in 2013.

Directed by Thomas Heinemann.

Release in germany will be 4. Sept


In The Deathroom

Trailer to a great short after Stephen King by director Milos Savic

Positive Sinking

Welcome to the new german Mumble-Core mini Series. Have a peek in the madness of everyday live of some fellow underachievers. Directed by Thomas Heinmann, stay hot for the realese in not too much time!

„What’s ours to take“ / „Was uns zusteht“ – Cameratrailer

„Lightyears“ / „Lichtjahre“ – Cameratrailer

„We are back“ / „Wir sind wieder wer“


The Melissa Tree